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较为通行的格式主要有以下三种,缩行式(Indented style)、平头式(Block style)和混合式(Semiblock style with indented paragraphs)。1. 缩行式China National Light Industrial ProductsImport & Export Corporation82 Tung An Men StreetBeijing, China. Our ref. No. January 30, 1978 Your ref. No. The Pakistan Trading Company, 15, Broad Street, Karachi, Pakistan.Dear Sirs,Chinese Light Industrial Products We thank you for your letter of January 10 and shall be glad to enter into business relations with your firm.As you know, it is our policy to trade with the people of 11 countries on the basis of equality and mutual benefit. We believe we shall be able, by joint efforts, to promote friendship as well as business.We are sending you 5 pamphlets and a price-list covering our exports. Please advise what articles you are interested in present.Your early reply will be highly appreciated. Yours faithfully, CHINA NATIONAL LIGHT INDUSTRIAL PRODUCTS IMPORT & EXPORT CORP.(Signature)Encl. As stated.c.c. J. White2. 平头式 El Mar Trading Company 12 Main Street FresnoOur ref. KMP/DE California, U.S.A.Your ref. Tel: 3--2345678Date: 20 January 19... Cable Address: ELMAR FRESNOChina National Cereals. Oils and FoodstuffImport & Export Corporation82 Tung An Men StreetBeijingPeople’s Republic of ChinaGentlemen:Re Chinese Fruits & NutsWe have made inquiry to the Liaison Office of the People’s Republic of China in Washington, D. C. and they have asked that we contact your office for the supply of the above commodify.We arc importers, packers, and exporters of all types of dried fruits and nuts. We have been in this line for almost fifty years and sell both bulk packs and consumer packs here in the United States and abroad. We enclose a list showing our business activities.We are interested to discuss with your representative the types of dried fruits and nuts which you have available for export to the U. S. In this regard, we would like to visit the Guangzhou Trade Fair. I would be the only representative from our firm who would travel to the Fair.From the information we have been able to gather, I believe that we could do a large import business in Chinese fruits and nuts, for both bulk and consumer package trade.Kindly !et us hear from you concerning the possibility of our attending the Trade Fair. For information concerning our firm, you may contact the U.S. Department of Agriculture, the California Dried Fruit Association or the Fresno Chamber of Commerce. They are well acquainted with our firm.Yours sincerelyEL MAR TRADING COMPANY (Signature)Encl. as stated Jameson & Sons Ltd., 34 Madison Square, Melbourne E. C. 2, Australia 22 January, 19...Our Ref: SEL/CEN/JVD/Z.1119Your Ref: M. 306/0038China National Machinery Import & Export Corporation,P.O. Box 49,Beijing,China.Gentlemen:Re: CompressorsWe thank you for your letter of 10th January acknowledging the receipt of catalogues dealing with compressors manufactured by Messrs Peter Brotherhood Limited.In accordance with the request contained in the last sentence of your letter, we are having the pleasure of sending to you under separate cover three copies of catalogue dealing with the compressors produced by Messrs Fullerton, Hodgart & Barclay Limited. We trust these will be of interest to you. Further compressor catalogues will be forwarded to you as soon as possible. Yours faithfully, JAMESON & SONS IT1)., (Signature) S. F. Lover Managing DirectorDJ E W3. 混合式         M. D. Ewart & Co., Ltd., 36 Tower Street, Toronto 4, Canada. August 22, 19...Our Ref. No. SWE/ll9Your Ref. No. M. 306/0038Chin National Metals & Minerals Import & Export CorporationP. O. Box No. 65,Beijing,People’s Republic of China.Dear Sirs, Re Heating SuppliesWe are wholesale distributors of plumbing and heating supplies and are interested in the products you show in the China Foreign Trade No. 2 of 1976.We would like to hear from you with reference to importing merchandise from China. If we can work together to our mutual benefit, arrangements can be made for one of our representatives to make the trip to China and contact your office in person.We are herewith enclosing our latest catalogue showing the items we carry at the present time.Please let us know whether you can manufacture items as per Canadian patterns.Kindly send us your complete catalogue and price list quoting the best discount for quantity buying.Thanking you for your kind attention to this matter and trusting to hear from you in the near future, we are, Yours truly, M. D. Ewart & Co., Ltd. (Signature) H. SmithManagerEncl. as stated

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